Ubuntu – Display issues with Ubuntu 14.04 with AMD R9 380 graphics card


I built a new computer to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu and am using the AMD R9 380 Graphics card. Windows installation went fine. After installing Ubuntu 14.04 I found that I can't change my screen resolution. I tried installing the proprietary drivers from the AMD website and then I couldn't boot the OS. I reinstalled Ubuntu and stayed with the open source drivers but the problem remains.

The solutions I found online used xrandr to set resolutions but when I run it I always get "Failed to get size of gamma for default output". When I try to change the system display settings I can only use one resolution (1024×768) and only uses built-in display. Clicking on detect displays doesn't do anything.

Does anyone know a resolution?

Best Answer

I just completed a build of new desktop using the Radeon R9 380 graphics card and got the exact same problem. I fixed this by going into:

System Settings .. Software & Updates .. Additional Drivers

I chose the AMD graphics accelerators from fglrx updates

I hope that this works for you as well

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