Ubuntu – DISK IS LIKELY TO FAIL SOON – failing now

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I have a dual boot of Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04. Recently I upgraded it to 18.04. As soon as I did it, it started showing DISK IS LIKELY TO FAIL SOON (37° C / 99° F).

disk information screenshot

I checked the status of my disk via Windows and it shows it’s perfectly healthy. I assumed the error occurred because my partition size of Ubuntu was 64GB (which I now increased to 86GB). Please help me out with this.

The results of smartctl – attributes
smartctl results

Best Answer

As smartctl output suggests you have "16600" reallocated sectors on your disk, which is really high for the number of bad sectors on a disk.

Reallocated_sctor_ct is a Pre-fail property and its threshold for your device is "30" however your device status indicates a really bad number: "1".

It may not fail right away (or might) however you will definitely lose a lot of data if you keep using it.

Take a backup as soon as it's possible for you, and take the device to warranty if it has any.

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