Ubuntu – Disable unity launcher on Alt + F2


I've added custom shortcut on Alt + F2, but Unity launcher is running when I press it. How do I disable it in 13.04. I've found this question but I don't have 'unityshell' under apps > compiz-1 > plugins

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Best Answer

You can use CompizConfig to do this.

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager in a terminal to install, and then type "CompizConfig" into your Dash to find it, or ccsm in the terminal.

Once it's open, scroll to the "Ubuntu Unity Plugin" option and click it.

On the General tab, you will see some options related to keyboard shortcuts. Find "Key to execute a command" (second option down), and click the shortcut ("<Alt>F2" by default). Uncheck the box in the popup window that says "Enabled", and click OK. From then on the alt-f2 shortcut to bring up the command window will be disabled.

Hope this helps!

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