Ubuntu – Disable locking the screen after resuming from suspend


One thing I like for MacBooks is that they are usable within a second after opening their lid when they were on stand by.

Ubuntu always requires me to enter my password when I resume from suspend, which can be very annoying.
How can I disable this?

Related bugs
It turns out that this really is undesired behavior, and there are several bugs related to this issue.
Bug #553646 on launchpad
Bug #643036 on GNOME bugzilla

Best Answer

Start gconf-editor (press ALT-F2, then type gconf-editor).

Seach down to Apps/gnome-power-manager, then click on "lock".

You have two choices : either untick "suspend", or tick "use_screensaver_settings" (of course, you'd then have to go to screensaver preferences and remove the "lock screen" option.

alt text

And :

alt text