Ubuntu – Disable GNOME (Compiz) task switcher grouping


I'm currently running GNOME (GNOME Shell 3.10.4; Compiz) on ubuntu.

Alt+Tab does the expected (and "correct") behavior of showing the task switcher, enabling to switch between current open applications.

However, it groups multiple "instances" of the same application (example, gnome-terminal) and requires extra key presses to be able to switch between the instances.

Is there a way to disable the grouping behavior? I've looked around in ccsm and was unable to find anything of relevance.

Any hints you share would be highly appreciated!

Best Answer

The normal behavior doesn't require extra key presses to be able to to switch between the instances. When you get to an application that has multiple instances just keep a while the Alt key pressed (maximum 2 seconds) and you will see that after you can switch between instances also using the same shortcut: Alt+Tab. Just don't take your finger from the Alt key.

Anyway, if you want more, the behavior about you asked can be obtained using CompizConfig Settings Manager (you said that you have it installed). After you open it, first enable Application Switcher:

CCSM - Application Switcher

Second, go inside to Application Switcher, select General tab and play a little with those options until you get what you wish. Personally, I made the following selections:

CCSM - Application Switcher - General tab

And the result is:

Application Switcher

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