Ubuntu – Different colors for active/inactive Unity window title bars


Wow – this seems so difficult to resolve!
I've searched and see other people with similar problem/complaint about being able to quickly identify active window, for example,
Highlight Window with focus even more
But, I have yet to find any real solution!

I have 3 monitors, and am "color-impaired" or "shade-blind" (a step above 'color-blind') I find the difference in active vs inactive window so subtle I can't tell what's what.

Adding a window shadow does not help much because full-screen windows don't get the shadow. Plus, the shadow is quite subtle, so it's not quick-easy identifier.

I'm used to MS Windows where it is so easy to change the window's title bar color, and to have very high contrast. I can see in an instant what window is the active window. I'm constantly – and this is after few weeks now on Ubuntu – having problem figuring this out with Ubuntu.

The simple solution for me would be to have 2 different highly contrasting colors for the title bar of windows. Can't this be done?
I've tried looking for other themes, but they all seem to stick with the 'all windows have the same (or so it appears to me) colored title bar whether active or not'.
I am finding this issue VERY frustrating.
I also tried the dim inactive window plugin and it didn't do much of anything and is of no help.
(Ubuntu 16.04. 3 monitors, nvidia controller and their video driver)

Best Answer

Have you checked the answer for this question? Create or edit ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css as:

.titlebar {
    background: #3089FF;

.titlebar:backdrop  {
    background: #777777;

Note that you can choose different colors to suite your preferences. Then refresh the gnome:

setsid gnome-shell --replace

I just tried it and it worked for me.enter image description here