Ubuntu – Difference Between Ubuntu and Ubuntu-Gnome


Hai all I just want to know is there any Difference Between Ubuntu and Ubuntu GNOME. I love to use Ubuntu… But I hate the Unity desktop… So want an Ubuntu system with GNOME 3. So if I install Ubuntu GNOME is that same as that of a usual Ubuntu with the GNOME desktop installed?

I just want to know, does this mean if I install Ubuntu GNOME 14.04.2 then everything other than the desktop is same as in Ubuntu 14.04.2?

Best Answer

Yes, it is. It's the same OS, but looking other.

Also, if you want to have GNOME (or other desktop environment - there are lots of them!) without installing system again it is possible and pretty easy. To see what desktop environments are available and how to install them you can head to What kinds of desktop environments and shells are available? .