Ubuntu – Did not detect Micromax MMX353G netsetter


I had Micromax MMX353G net setter, but it did not detecting on Ubuntu 12.04 onwards versions even in Ubuntu 13.04. And also I try to connect with Sakis3G (http://www.sakis3g.org/) script run through Terminal. Please help which version Ubuntu OS is best all over ?

Best Answer

Open terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T and write this code:-

sudo gedit /etc/modules

Press Enter It will ask for your password, put it and press Enter then write these


press Enter


press Enter

Now restart your system. After it open terminal and write

sudo modprobe usbserial 

press Enter, give your password, press Enter then type

sudo modprobe option 

press Enter. close the terminal. now connect your modem with the usb port. Wait for few second, and now you are done.

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