Ubuntu – DeVeDe won’t open in Ubuntu 11.10


After installing the latest version of VLC player I found that DeVeDe had been removed & would not re-install. After following some advice on this site I managed to purge VLC completely & re-install DeVeDe but now when I try to launch it I get a message saying the program can't find mencoder & will not work without it. I have uninstalled & re-installed mencoder several times in synaptic to no avail, DeVeDe still says it can't find mencoder. Any advice?

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Take into consideration that the LATEST version of VLC which is the 2.0 right now (Using the PPA for it) has different mplayer, mencoder and other packages than the ones devede, openshot and other programs that use this tools need.

So if you are talking about the latest VLC being VLC 2.0 then you probably just changed several packages (mencoder, mplayer, ffmpeg..) with the ones that come with VLC 2.0. This will create a problem for programs like Pitivi, OpenShot and DeVeDe.

The only fix I know of is to delete VLC 2.0 and the PPA that brought it. After that update the repositories so the reflect the deletion of the VLC 2.0 PPA. Then install VLC again which will in this case reinstall all the packages that were removed or modified by VLC 2.0.

If any of this packages happens to stay just purge it then download it again. In this case you will only have the ones that officially come with Ubuntu so after installing them DeVeDe, OpenShot (in my case when I tested) and Pitivi should all work again.

A normal step to do this would be:

  1. sudo apt-get purge vlc
  2. REMOVE PPA FROM VLC 2.0 via Software Sources
  3. sudo apt-get update
  4. Verify that the VLC that is left is the 1.x version: sudo apt-cache show vlc| grep Version. It should say some version that starts with 1.x.
  5. If the version IS 1.x then: sudo apt-get install vlc if not reboot that PC until she learns how things work around here (Just in case).

This is how I did it to restore all the rest of the programs. If any of them say they are missing X package then just install it. For example if they say they are missing mencoder then sudo apt-get install mencoder. Repeat for any package still missing after installing VLC 1.x

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