Ubuntu – Desktop doesn’t remember brightness settings after a reboot


Every time I reboot my machine the brightness goes back to 100% in Gnome. I wish it would keep the last setting. Is there anyway?

Best Answer

This is supposed to be configurable in the energy options, set the brightness to the desired level and it will always be used. If you use a laptop you will also need to configure the level for battery mode as well...

I found that Gnome has some issues about lcd panel brightness, e.g. if I run on battery mode and set the brightness manually to a given level and leave the laptop unattended for 10 seconds it will go back to the preset brightness when I take control back. Same goes when on A/C mode except it takes longer so goes unnoticed more easily. I believe all those settings should be saved somewhere and restored - at least for A/C mode.

EDIT: For gnome3 this does not work (at least for me).