Ubuntu – Dell Inspiron 11-3162 Home | End | PgUp | PgDn keys not working


I just recently installed Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS x86_64 on a brand new Dell Inspiron 11-3162 2.0.0. Everything works as expected except the "Home | End | PgUp | PgDn" functionality.

On this particular keyboard you have to hit Fn+LeftArrow for Home, or Fn+RightArrow for End, Fn+UpArrow for PgUp and Fn+DownArrow for PgDn. The crazy part is the first time I use one of these functions it works. But if I try and go "home" or "end" a second time, nothing happens. I have to reboot to be able to do it again for the first time, and then nothing the second time.

Also, the Function key does work with all other features… so for example the Fn+F3 increases the volume – works great. Fn+F12 brightens the screen – works great. Fn+F1 mutes the sound – works great, etc. Just the Fn+ArrowKeys is giving me a problem, and only on subsequent uses.

Is there any direction to find a solution anyone can provide?

Best Answer

I have seen the same problem with this model laptop after installing 16.04. The showkey command showed key presses but no key releases for the fn+arrow keys. I think it was a problem with a specific kernel version as the problem went away after an update and reboot.

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