Ubuntu – Dconf editor “auto-save-session” not working? 14.04


so I'm quite new and just started using ubuntu, and I've heard about ubuntu being able to remember all my last windows (enabling "auto-save-session" via dconf editor). And no matter how many times I try to enable it, it never works for me, I don't even get an error message. How can I try to fix this?

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Currently this feature is not supported in 14.04, seems to be a bug, but there are a few possibilities to work around that function.

  1. Using a script

desgua wrote a script where you can configure your session manually which worked for me for each workspace by typing the following into your console:

cd ~/ && wget -c http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4098082/session.config && chmod +x ~/session.config && ~/session.config
  1. Gnome-session-save

Another possibility is to do: killall gnome-session then sudo gnome-session-save --logout which should save the current session and log out at the same time. It seemed to work for others but not for me.

More details in the posting: Save Unity Desktop Session

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