Ubuntu – Cut/paste stopped working in xterm (&UXterm) after upgrading to 11.10


I seem to no longer be able to copy text, (eg; from a web page; "sudo apt-get remove appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-gtk appmenu-q") and paste it into a terminal window. Right click (and alt-rt click, ctrl-rt-click), only highlights sections of the terminal window of gives me the "minimize, ……" menu w/o a copy or paste option listed. It worked fine pre 11.0.. Clue? Thanks in advance…

Best Answer

There are a couple of methods of copy and pasting when using xterm.

To paste you can press Shift + Insert

Or click the middle button on your mouse (if you only have two mouse buttons then pressing both at the same time will simulate a middle click)

To copy highlight the text you want to copy and press Shift + Insert

Or highlight the text to copy and click the middle mouse button (or if you only have a two button mouse click both together)