Ubuntu – CTRL+ALT+T not working

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I'm using Ubuntu 12.04, and till day before yesterday, the shortcut was working perfectly. But when today I pressed it, it didn't open terminal.
The terminal app still works. I am on GNOME3 3.4.2, and I updated recently using apt-get install gnome-shell

The Keyboard shortcuts window shows no problem –
enter image description here

Pls. help, what should I do now?

Best Answer

This is a bug of Gnome Shell. The default shortcut will not work. But a new shortcut will work as usual.

Go to Keyboard > Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts. Click on + to add a new shortcut,

enter image description here

At the place of Name use Gnome terminal. In place of Command use the following string,

gnome-terminal --profile=Default --geometry=95x35+250+60

Now assign the key combination (Ctrl+Alt+T) on clicking on it. Afterwards the shortcut should work.