Ubuntu – Cross-platform direct file transfer across the internet


I want to directly transfer a file from a friend's PC running Windows to my Ubuntu box over the internet.

What are my options? For security reasons, I don't want to use a third-party server.

Hopefully, it's something not something complicated or command line based that requires a learning curve since I am the one requesting the friend to send the file to me.

Best Answer

  • Install winscp on the windows PC (it uses sftp which is part of ssh) and set up ssh on your system allowing him access to a directory or share. Install openssh-serverInstall openssh-server if not already there.

    And this how to should still work on setting it up: basically you need to open a port, create a user (and password) and tell your windows user to insert your IP adress, the port, username and password into winscp.

  • Ubuntu One is made for this too.

  • Do not forget about the ability of mailing it or using a free file sharing website like mediafire. These 2 are very low tech and require no installation (unless he or you has no mail ;) ).

  • ... and just for fun... if the 2 of you use torrents he could make it a torrent and give you the announcement (you can create trackers at openbittorrent).