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On my Aquaris E4.5 I have successfully configured syncevolution to synchronise my CardDav Contacts and CalDav Calender entries.

Now I would like to schedule synchronisations. However, since /var/spool/cron is on the root filesystem, which is read only cron does not work, and I do not want to make the root filesystem read-write since I do want to be able to do updates.

Are there plans to maybe move the cron stuff into it's own mountpoint, so it can be made read-write such as many of the other mounts? Or is there some other way of scheduling?

Best Answer

From How to autostart a shell script on Ubuntu-touch?

Hacky solution is to create an upstart script in /usr/share/upstart/sessions/ or ~/.config/upstart/ (that is writable)

description "my script"
start on started unity8-dash 

exec /path/to/your/script

and have an infinite loop that makes updates there.

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