Ubuntu – Cron Job Not Running


I have a crontab file that looks like this:

* * * * * /home/abliskovs/update/update.sh

However when I check the syslog for evidence that the job has run, there is nothing that might indicate that it ever ran. How can I check if it's running?

crontab -l outputs the following:

* * * * * /home/abliskovs/update/update.sh

Best Answer

Add a >>/tmp/testlog.log to the end of your crontab entry (to redirect output to a file you can investigate or check if it's running, additionally a 2>&1 would include output from the error console)


0 * * * * /home/abliskovs/update/update.sh 2>&1 /tmp/testlog.log

Also Make Sure the followings :

  • Add cronjobs in a right manner. if you've used crontab -e within your own account, scripts are run with your user (and thus the crontab entry has one field less -- the user to run it, as that is known). If you simply copied your above snipped to /etc/cron.d, it would fail as you didn't specify a user (or rather as it finds no user named "bash").
  • Make sure that the script file is executable, otherwise it will not execute it.
  • Reload the cron jobs sudo service reload, or restart cron service sudo /etc/init.d/cron restart

How to make a file executable?

Several ways to make your file executable

chmod +x /home/abliskovs/update/update.sh 

chmod -R 0755 /home/abliskovs/update/update.sh

chmod a+x /home/abliskovs/update/update.sh
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