Ubuntu – Creating an “One Word” URL Reference


Our Business Intelligence group wants to make something really simple for the end-user population: a one-word URL link to our web-based reporting area. I am not sure how, or if it is even possible to make this work. Below is a redacted version of the real URL:


Instead of fully specifying that real URL what they are requesting is that we somehow make the single word: freshlink point to that same location as in http://freshlink

Their goal is that the end-user could simply type freshlink in the address bar of the browser and it would go to http://demo.freshlink.local/reports.

Anyone know if this is possible and if so how would we do it? I have been considering all angles as it relates to DNS and the way URLs and browsers work and I cannot think of a way to make this happen myself.

I have configured DNS server in Ubuntu Linux (BIND). "example.com" And I have CNAME Record. I pointed the CNAME record to demo.example.com demo IN CNAME XXXXXXXX.XXXXX.YYYYY.com In the browser if I hit "demo.example.com", it’s working fine. But our target URL is http://demo.

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