Ubuntu – Core i9 performs poorly with Ubuntu 14.04


I have a workstation running Ubuntu 14.04 with kernel version 4.4. It's got a core i9-7900x and a GTX 1080ti graphics card.

Unfortunately, the system runs very poorly under load, particularly when there are many processes running at once. Under these conditions, the rest of the system becomes unresponsive — i.e., clicking on things can take seconds to respond. Other systems, with slower hardware, don't have this problem under the same load.

Anyone have an idea what could be causing this? I suspect the older Ubuntu or kernel version may not support the i9-7800x well, does anyone know how to fix this?

Best Answer

This was solved by upgrading to kernel 4.12.14. Instructions for updating the kernel in Ubuntu can be found here: How to update kernel to the latest mainline version without any Distro-upgrade?

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