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My project is to develop an installer which is an executable for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. The executables on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu are .exe, .app and .deb respectively. So, I converted my .jar file to a .exe file on Windows using a software called launch4j. And on MAC I used a software called Jar-Bundler to convert my jar in to .app file. I want to know if there is any specific software on Ubuntu to convert my jar file in to a .deb file.

Best Answer

you can create a DEB from .jar file.

You have to add following code to your pom.xml file

          <description>A test project</description>
              <maintainer>Tim OBrien &lt;tobrien@discursive.com&gt;</maintainer>

and after that running

mvn package

will gives your a .DEB file.

For more information you must read this : http://mojo.codehaus.org/deb-maven-plugin/using-deb.html

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