Ubuntu – Constantly asked for WiFi password and CA certificate


I have a WPA Enterprise PEAP connection that asks me for the WiFi password and CA certificate every time I am at the login screen.

I don't have a CA certificate for my schools WiFi connection.

This is on ubuntu 14.04
This warning keeps coming again and again.
I keep click ignore and click "Don't warn me again"
But the error keeps coming up.

Also, I have tried changing going to


finding the my connection and changing the line




But that did not help at all.
enter image description here

Best Answer

The warning was happening again and again. What I ended up doing was first I did this I clicked the "Choose a Certificate Authority certificate..."

Then I went to "/usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/AddTrust_External_Root.crt" and Added that as my certificate.

The certificate error went away but the password prompt for the WiFi did not

So I went to "Edit Connections" and selected my wireless connection.

Then I went to "General" tab and unticked "All users may connect to this network"

No more CA prompt or wireless password prompt.