Ubuntu – Connecting to Windows shares using Active Directory


After upgrading my host to 12.04 I can no longer connect to Windows Shares in my AD (Active Directory) based network. I was able to do it previously using 11.10. I thought it might be an issue with the upgrade so I flattened my box and re-installed from scratch and I still can't connect.

When I use the Files>Connect to Server command, I am met with a constant password challenge when accessing any windows server using any known working network account.

I checked the logs on the windows machine to see if there are failed connections but there are none, yet 12.04 asks me for my password over and over as if my credentials were wrong.

Any suggestions?

Best Answer

It's syntax in this case that seems to be causing the issue. I can verify that when I type the server and domain in lowercase with my credentials, it does not connect.


When I type the server and domain in all CAPS with my credentials, it connects just fine.

Server Name and Domain need to be all in CAPS. Forgive my horrible outlines... :)