Ubuntu – Computer won’t wake from suspend


I have Ubuntu 12.04 on my Dual screen desktop setup and its been working great. Even in 11.10 my computer wouldn't wake from Suspend. Its been bugging me and now I would like to do something about it.

Here is my lspci –> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1027728/

Still an amateur Ubuntu user, so let me know of any more information I can provide.

Thanks for your time.

Best Answer

I reckon it is this nvidia bug that is causing your woes:


The 173 nvidia branch is not available as a package for 12.04 and nvidia current doesn't work well for old cards. My solution was to get a new 600 series card, as I hope to avoid this kind of issue come october.

However there are a couple of other solutions.

Solution A use nouveau until the 173 driver is packages (it looks on that bug report that the new driver could be packaged pretty soon, subscribe to the bug report for email updates)

This will disable the nvidia_current driver and enable nouveau:

sudo jockey-text -d xorg:nvidia_current

Solution B

Download and execute this binary to build a 173 driver which works with the version of x.org precise ships with: ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/173.14.35/

This solution will break whenever an updated kernel is released unfortunately and will force you to rebuild the driver

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