Ubuntu – Completely REMOVE and REINSTALL vlc on the system


I am using a Ubuntu 15.10 machine and everything was just fine until yesterday..when I decided it might be cool to run kde on my system, so I installed plasma and that's when things started to get bad.I logged in to plasma, and tried to play a video using vlc, and I there was something weird.Even in fullscreen, the video occupied only about a quarter of the screen, and I was unable to fix it.So I logged out of plasma and back to unity, and the problem was still there.Since then I have tried many possible solutions without avail.I tried reinstalling vlc,using synaptic to remove vlc and reinstall, using purge to remove vlc, and finally that issue is gone but there is new one. Now vlc display audio in one instance and audio in another. The instance with audio has the menu bar. I tried changing setting to allow only one instance but it didn't fix the problem. I really want to use vlc. I want to get vlc just as it was when I first installed i it. Any suggestions?

Update: I just discovered that when I check integrate video in interface, there is only one instance, but the previous issue returns.

Best Answer

In a terminal, run:

sudo apt-get remove --purge vlc

sudo apt-get autoremove

sudo apt-get autoclean

sudo apt-get install vlc