Ubuntu – Compiz ( or even compositing in general) is not starting up when I login. Solution


Whenever I log into a desktop environment, it doesn't seem that compositing is starting. Unity 2D works fine, but when I go to Unity 3D Compiz doesn't start up. I have to type compiz --replace & in terminal every time I login. Another example is when I log into a Cinnamon session, theming support is suddenly gone (although this may be a separate issue). If it helps im using the latest (295.40) NVIDIA drivers.

I am having exactly the same issue in both cases, upgrading from 11.10 and with a clean installation, in 32 and 64 bits.

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Best Answer

Many people seem to have the same problem.

You will need to delete the compiz and compiz-1 directories in your home .config directory.

Compiz files are then re-generated when you re-boot and log in again.

It worked for me.

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