Ubuntu – Compiz-like effects in Gnome shell


In Gnome-shell we do not have compiz any more? In KDE4 we have the native desktop effects, I would like to know if the Gnome-shell we will need yet of compiz.

Best Answer

Compiz compositing capability will be replaced by Clutter, which will be integrated into the next generation of Metacity window manager, called Mutter. This means you won't need Compiz. Since Mutter is closely integrated, you cannot replace Mutter with Compiz.

GNOME shell uses compositing and is integrated with Mutter, a compositing window manager for X11. Mutter is the next generation of the Metacity window manager which uses the Clutter toolkit for compositing.

GNOME Shell has received some controversy in the free software community because the planned tight integration with Mutter will mean that users of GNOME Shell will not be able to switch to an alternative window manager without breaking their desktop. In particular, users will no longer be able to use Compiz while GNOME Shell is running.[2]. Discussion between the developers of Compiz and GNOME has failed to resolve the issue. However, it will still be possible for users to run the GNOME desktop environment without GNOME Shell and still use whatever window manager they choose.


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