Ubuntu – Compatibility of new Acer Aspire M3 with Nvidia GT 640M Kepler GPU with hybrid graphics


A new Acer Aspire M3 with Nvidia GT 640M Kepler GPU (Nvidia Optimus) has been announced:

[...] the company claims the Ultra M3 can still manage eight hours of battery life for 
normal tasks using Nvidia's Optimus graphics switching solution [...]

Any ideas if this model should be Linux hybrid-graphics compatible given the graphics card in it? Are the proprietary Nvidia Linux drivers going to be working for it? Should Bumblebee work for it?

Best Answer

In my case hybrid graphics work like a charm with bumblebee and kubuntu 12.04.

I've used the instructions in the wiki and worked with no problems.

ubuntu wiki bumblebee

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron N7110 with seperate Nvidia GTX520m card. Also I have ~25 mins more battery life than with windows.