Ubuntu – Clicking links in pdfs opened with Okular opens Abiword (instead of the default browser)


I work with Xubuntu 12.04 and use Okular (version 0.14.3) to view pdf files. If I click a web link in a pdf file (created with "pdflatex" using the "hyperref" package), "Abiword" (It's a word-processing software, like Libreoffice writer) is opened instead of my default browser google-chrome. How can I change this behavior? The settings in Okular do not seem to provide a solution.

(Note that I set google-chrome as the preferred application for web browsing under Settings -> Preferred Applications, so that's not the problem).

Best Answer

The answer by @Marius is correct. It helped me. Just a clarification.

  1. Run kcmshell4 filetypes in a console or by Alt+F2. File Associations - KDE Control Module will open.
  2. Search for html and select the file type text/html.
  3. Move the application name you want to be a default for html in the "Application Preference Order" to the top.
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