Ubuntu – Click and Drag from touchpad stops working


I've got a Samsung Notebook (NP-QX412-S01AU) with a touchpad / clickpad. I'm running 12.04 Precise. When I first log into my computer, the touchpad behaves exactly as expected and desired. The longer I stay logged in, it slowly degrades. I'll try describe it.

There are 3 ways of "dragging" on this clickpad:

  1. (Physical) click and hold with one finger, and drag around while still holding it down. All with one finger.
  2. (Physical) Click and hold with one finger, then with another finger drag around to move cursor.
  3. Double tap (not a physical click) and on the second tap, hold and drag.

I most naturally use option 1, but here's how it works:

  • When I first turn on, options 1, 2 and 3 all work.
  • After a while, only options 2 and 3 work.
  • Later still, only option 3 works.
  • Restarting X causes all 3 to work again.

I've compared the output of "synclient" in each of the states, and there was no difference. Anybody know what to look at?

Or at the very least, a command I can run to "restart" the mouse driver without restarting X?

Best Answer

From the terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t), run the following command:

sudo modprobe -r psmouse && sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps

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