Ubuntu – Chrome freeze very frequently with ubuntu 16.04


I am using chrome Version 50.0.2661.94 (64-bit) and ubuntu 16.04.
Most of the time chrome get stuck and hangs whole system.

Does anyone face the same issue?

Best Answer

Yeah, I faced the same issue. After a long struggle I solved it.
It's to do with the high memory(RAM) usage by Chrome.

  1. Disable hardware acceleration in chrome settings


    • Type "chrome://settings" in the URL bar, and then click "Advanced"
    • Untick "use hardware acceleration when available"

enter image description here

  1. Disable GPU Rasterization

    • Go to "chrome://flags"
    • Disable "GPU Rasterization"

      enter image description here

  2. Check how Chrome uses memory (Shift + Escape) (OPTIONAL)
    Extensions uses more memory too. If you find high memory usage in extensions (Adblockers are memory hogs), remove them too. That would help.

These would reduce the memory usage significantly.

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