Ubuntu – Choosing C++ debugger on linux


I recently changed from Windows where I was using Qt Creator to Ubuntu.

The problem is that Qt Creator in Ubuntu can't properly debug due to some problem attaching ptrace to the program which was cause by a security upgrade as I found out. The only way to debug is to mess with the system settings and change the ptrace variable configuration but I'm not comfortable with this, as it compromises security.

So my question is, is there anything close to Qt Creator or Visual Studio debugger in Linux? I mean being able to track variable values and pointers, etc.

If not what's the standard debugger for Linux? I don't mind using console tools as long as they offer the same functionality

Best Answer

Have you looked at gdb? It's a command line interface tool.

Another option is to go with Eclipse C/C++, which is a full fledged C and C++ IDE that provides front-end for gdb (CDT GNU Toolchain Debug).

I have not used the latter as am pretty comfortable with gdb.

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