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I know how to check space left with:

df -h

and I know to check the space of a folder with:

du -ch /path/to/folder/

But let's say I have a 500 GB HardDisk and 350GB are used:

  • Wich is the best tool/command to get how the space is distributed ?

  • Should I do du -ch / ? (I think this is not optimal)

  • There is any special tool/app to do this ?

I'd like an app that stores how the space is distributed in my system, wich are the space occuped in each folder…

I'd like to have something like SpaceSniffer (You can check the windows tool here). It is a Windows program that examine your HardDisk and show in a easy & nice IU how the space is distributed on your computer

This kind of software is awesome for that day you check your HardDisk and it seems you've "lost" hundred of GB's and don't know where they are !


  • I've tried baobab and runs/works perfectly in my Ubuntu machine, I tested also JDiskReport, here I have to fix some issues but it works in Ubuntu & Windows

  • I assume JDiskReport will work in any ¬†OS with Java installed, that's why I choose as correct answer. I've tried this in Ubuntu, Windows 8, Raspbian and CentOS and works in all of them (you have to install Java)

  • I have to say for those lovers of command-line your choice should be ncdu, it's awesome !!!

Baobab IU:

This is the baobab IU

Best Answer

Another very useful app for this is:


Is very similar to windows SpaceSniffer and has a very useful and intuitive IU.

You need Java to use it but it can run in every OS with Java

The user interface:

JDiskReport example in linux

Hope it helps !

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