Ubuntu 12.04 LTS – Changing Python Default Version


I have downloaded and installed python 3.2.3 for Ubuntu/Debian. Also IDLE IDE for 3.2.3.

If I execute IDLE for 3.2.3 explicitely, 3.2.3 runs under IDLE and all is well.

But if I go to a terminal session and simple run Python, it defaults to python 2.7.3. Also my Python commercial IDE (Wingware) defaults to Python 2.7.3.

How can I change my global Python default to be 3.2.3 instead of 2.7.3?

Best Answer

Don't do it

Since many important programs are written in python changing default python may crash your system, so set python for individual apps. You can locate python3 at /usr/bin/python3 . If you want python3 by default try Ubuntu 12.10