Read-Only File System – Changing Ownership of Read-Only File System

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I did read the several posts available here on "changing ownership of read-only file systems" but they don't seem to help me.

My external hard drive (which I had previously formatted in OS X and used on it for over a year) doesn't allow me to copy anything from/on to it FROM my Ubuntu 11.10

It says that the file system is read only when I try this:

sudo chown -R my-user-name /"Untitled 1"

Where "Untitled 1" is the name of the external hdd.

Any suggestions?

Even getting into nautilius with sudo nautilius to change the ownership didn't work.

(on a side note, what is nautilius anyway? I know I can google THAT)

What should I do now?

Best Answer

Remount the partition (or disc) but this time with rw (read, write) settings. Should be something like this:

sudo mount -o rw,remount /"Untitled 1"

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