Ubuntu – Change Proxy Settings In Ubuntu


I want to use the Ubuntu Software Center to install software, but I cannot download them.

How can I give my proxy settings in Ubuntu terminal (just like we use cmd in Windows to choose IE proxy settings)?

Best Answer

You can easily change the proxy settings for your user, or for the entire system, within the Network config under System Settings. This uses the GUI and is quick and helpful, but not very advanced. If you have particular requirements or special settings/circumstances, this may not do everything you need.

  1. Open System Settings
  2. Choose Network
  3. In the left hand menu, choose Network Proxy
  4. Enter your proxy settings. If you want to apply them system wide, press that button.
  5. Close the window, or presss All Settings to leave this interface.

You should be all set. You may have to logout and login again for changes to take affect. In unusual circumstances, you may have to reboot your system, but that is highly unlikely for a Linux system. Network Manager Proxy dialogue