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Now, looking around on Google shows me some ways in which to customise the settings of the Guest session. But, I would love a way to change the name of the Guest account.

Basically, I'm planning to take some laptops out to a school in Africa and want to rename the "Guest" account in 14.04 to "Student" so the students use that. They tend to store stuff on USB sticks and they're using the Guest account so they can't break anything.
EDIT: I'll expand on this slightly. They're using the guest account simply for the reason it doesn't save anything after logoff. This was a specific thing the teachers have asked for.

I don't mind if the actual username remains guest behind the scenes, but as long as it shows up as Student to on Unity. Any way of going about this?

Best Answer

Why don't you create a user named "Student" as standard account, without admin permission.

Go to System Settings->User Acoounts, then unlock and create a new user:

New user

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