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i have an Ubuntu system dual booted with Windows10. I want to change Ubuntu with Lubuntu (i don't care about my Ubuntu files), so here is my question: if a launch Lubuntu installer from USB then i erase Ubuntu partition and use empty space to install Lubuntu, would it work without some boot problem? I don't want to have troubles with Grub, that is pretty annoying with dual boot. I try to google for it but i didn't find anything. Any good / bad experience with this?

Best Answer

Install Lubuntu the same way you installed Ubuntu by booting from a bootable USB or disk.

When it comes to the partitioning section, choose "Something Else".

Check off your Ubuntu partitions to be used as root (/) as well as any other partitions you used previously such as /home and swap. Check the boxes to format the old Ubuntu partitions. If you had a separate partition for your /home directory, you can leave it intact to access your files and reuse by not formatting it, or format it as well, that is up to you.

Choose to install grub on your boot drive, selecting the drive itself and not a particular partitions, IE /dev/sda not /dev/sda1. Continue with the installation as per normal install.

You can simply install Lubuntu desktop, however, this takes more drive space, and leave many Ubuntu apps on your system. Since you don't care about the Ubuntu files, it's best to wipe the partitions and reinstall with a clean system.

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