Ubuntu – Change default “open with” for Documents directory


My Documents directory is automatically open with vlc.

How can I change this so that I can see my .doc files in Ubuntu 11.04?

Best Answer

If you have trouble opening any folder and therefor can not use "RightClick (Documents) > Open With Other Application... > File Browser" you can use this from command line

mimeopen -d ~/Downloads/

You will get a choice of options that are related to directories. Nautilus will be #1 in this list:

Please choose a default application for files of type inode/directory

    1) Open Folder  (nautilus-folder-handler)
    2) Other...

Make sure it says inode/directory and not inode/mount!

After choosing 1 all folders will be opened by Nautilus.

Ofcourse this list will have more options when you have more filemanagers have installed.

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