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Linux OS is said to be super customisable. But, how do I change the default font in Ubuntu? I could not find any easy method to do this. Some people suggested using dconf tool or Gnome tweak or Unity tweak tool.

Point is I want to do it manually so that I know how things work behind the screen.

OS: Ubuntu 13.04

Best Answer

Alternative to Unity Tweak Tool, you can use Dconf Editor which is pre-installed in 13.04.

After you open Dconf Editor, go to org > gnome > desktop > interface. Here you can see font-name, monospace-font-name, document-font-name, text-scaling-factor, etc.

To change titlebar font, you should go to org > gnome > desktop > wm > preferences where you can find titlebar-font.

You can also search for font and see all settings about fonts.

Dconf Editor

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