Ubuntu – CCSM broke the Unity 3D on 11.10


I wanted to see how 3D cube would look like with my 11.10, so I installed CCSM and turned on 3D cube and disabled expose (think that is what it is called). Then after that everything went sideways. I can get to the desktop but only see part of the top panel, no launcher, no indication area, just 'file' 'edit' 'view'…'help' alt+F2 does not work, the super key does not bring up the dash. Unity 2D works, but I rather Unity 3D. CCSM in 2D did not help. What can I do to restore Unity to before my fiddling with it? I tired ctrl+alt+F1 (to try some thing in terminal I saw for an answer to a question similar to mine) at the log in but i just got a black screen that was not responsive.

Thank you for your time and answers.

Best Answer

Ctrl+Alt+T should open the terminal. If that doesn't work, try logging in to Unity 2D (option from clicking on the cog at the login screen). From there run:

unity --reset

and failing that, try:

unity --replace

to completely restore Unity. (note: it doesn't show up well in my browser, but both the above codes had two consecutive dashes)

If you can live without the flashy graphics/interface and want a stable system then avoid CCSM like the plague until they sort it out. It seems to be causing nothing but trouble.

I literally just overcame this problem, not sure how long it will last though. Do your googling and you will find the solution - this page helped me:


Best of luck.


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