Ubuntu – Cbs all access on firefox for ubuntu


I have not been able to watch CBS all access for some time now. Error 2004. I have not found another browser for ubuntu that will play all access either. However firefox for windows plays it fine? Is there a fix in the works for ubuntu firefox?

Best Answer

Unfortunately, CBS has made a change on their end that now blocks Linux users. Currently, there are only two options:

  1. You can subscribe to CBS All Access through Amazon Prime (I have not personally tried this)
  2. Or you can use a Windows/Mac OS to watch CBS programs.

Personally though, I would suggest you simply cancel your service and tell them it's because they've blocked you.


  1. Quoted from the email I received from CBS support:

    Looking at your viewing activity, we see that you are using a computer running the Linux operating system. Please be advised that we do not currently support this operating system.

    A few other threads can be found online from people who were able to watch from Linux and are now unable.

  2. Reddit comment of a Linux user watching via Prime (Archived link)

  3. List of requirements to watch CBS in your browser (Archived link)