Ubuntu – Can’t watch protected flash videos (nbcsports.com) on chrome in Ubuntu 14.04


My question is similar to this one.

My Specs: I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit and trying to stream nbcsports live extra on Chrome (or Chromium). I can't use Firefox since the stream requires flash player 19.0.0 or higher, and Firefox for Linux is limited to version 11.2.

What's Happening:
I try to watch a protected flash player on NBCSports.com and it just shows this spinning wheel forever. Before, it wouldn't let me get passed the login page. I would login, then it would require me to login again ad nauseam. I followed this guide to install the old HAL libraries and that seemed to fix that issue, but now I'm still having the first issue of the endless spinning wheel.
I can watch basically any other flash video: Youtube, unprotected videos on NBCSports, etc.

Here's a screenshot:
enter image description here

I've been at this for hours and haven't been able to find a solution, any help?

Best Answer

Some sites are poorly written security wise and the browser which is trying to protect you blocks the page. Open up your browser console to check for errors which appear in red ... for example :

Uncaught DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin "http://www.nbcolympics.com" from accessing a cross-origin frame.(…)

I see above error when using this nbcolympics.com URL ... its a badly written web page when using a modern secure browser ... site is using advertisement feeds incorrectly in a fashion too similar to techniques used by malware sites such that the browser correctly throws up its hands and shuts off that content

Alternatively, often videos get blocked when you have installed ad blocker extensions ... on Chrome you can open a new window in incognito mode by hitting ctrl-shift-N which for the lifetime of that window all extensions are disabled and so previously blocked web content ( videos ) now appear as intended