Ubuntu – Can’t use a particular partition for Ubuntu installation


I am trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 as a second OS on a laptop that has Windows 7. In Windows, I have created the below partitions:

  • C: -> NTFS – 52GB (Windows installation)
  • D: -> NTFS – 94GB
  • E: -> NTFS – 82GB User Data
  • U: -> NTFS -20GB This is where I want to install Ubuntu on.

In the Ubuntu Install/Setup process (using a 10.10 live flash memory) , the last partition (on U:) is not shown separately, but seems to be grouped together with the other NTFS partition.Therefore, I can't choose the 50GB partition as the Linux installation root.

I tried leaving the partition as unallocated space (unformatted without any file system written on it) but Ubuntu still did not recognize it during installation.

1.How can I format this 50GB partition in Windows (either using Windows Disk Manager or some other disk partitioning tool) so that Ubuntu setup can see this partition as a distinct one and allow me to install Linux on it?

2.Can I format this 50GB partition as ext2/3/4 help? If yes, what tool on Windows can allow me to do that?

3.What other solutions do I have to install Ubuntu, whilst maintaining my Windows 7 partitions?

thank u very much.

Best Answer

You probably have upgraded to a "dynamic disk", which is a Microsoft proprietary system that can not be recognized by other operating systems. You need to convert the disk back to "basic disk". You will likely need to delete at least one of those partitions as well.