Logitech – Can’t Upgrade Logitech Unifying Firmware Using fwupd


When I run the command to update the firmware it states to manually be put in update mode. I've searched for an explanation but can't find anything that helps.

# fwupdmgr -v update
Downloading RQR12.07_B0029 for Unifying [runtime]...
Updating RQR12.07_B0029 on Unifying [runtime]...
Device Unifying [runtime] needs to manually be put in update mode

Output from fwupdmgr get-devices:

Unifying [runtime]
  Guid:                 9d131a0c-a606-580f-8eda-80587250b8d6
  UniqueID:             com.logitech.Unifying.RQR12.firmware
  DeviceID:             usb:00:01
  Description:          <p>A Unifying receiver allows you to connect multiple compatible keyboards and mice to a laptop or desktop computer with a single USB receiver. Updating the firmware on your Unifying receiver improves performance, adds new features and fixes security issues.</p>
  Plugin:               unifying
  Flags:                allow-online|supported|needs-bootloader
  DeviceVendor:         Logitech
  Version:              003.000.12003
  VersionBootloader:    BL.0aa.0aa
  Created:              2018-05-04
  AppstreamId:          com.logitech.Unifying.RQR12.firmware
  Summary:              Firmware for the Logitech Unifying receiver
  UpdateDescription:    <p>This release addresses an unencrypted keystroke injection issue known as Bastille security issue #11. The vulnerability is complex to replicate and would require a hacker to be physically close to a target.</p>
  UpdateVersion:        RQR12.07_B0029
  UpdateHash:           d0d33e760ab6eeed6f11b9f9bd7e83820b29e970
  UpdateChecksumKind:   sha1
  License:              Proprietary
  UpdateUri:            https://fwupd.org/downloads/938fec082652c603a1cdafde7cd25d76baadc70d-Logitech-Unifying-RQR12.07_B0029.cab
  UrlHomepage:          http://support.logitech.com/en-us/software/unifying
  Vendor:               Logitech
  Trusted:              none

Best Answer

I tested all (probably most) of the solutions that are online. And the solution that worked (I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 Live) is the following:

  1. Remove the apt version of fwupd with

     sudo apt remove fwupd

    Because the current repository version of Ubuntu 18.04 seems to be

client version: 1.0.9
checkout info: 1.0.9

This is a problem, because this version yields the following error:

cannot handle firmware requirement not-child

  1. Replace it with the snap version of fwupd which also (maybe) installs snap, too.

     sudo snap install fwupd --classic

    The current snap version on the other hand provides a newer version which works without this complication. Its version is (as of July 2019)

client version: 1.2.10
checkout info: 1.2.10

As of June 2020, the following is valid

client version: 1.4.3
daemon version: 1.4.3

  1. With this current version, execute

     fwupdmgr refresh
  2. And finally, execute the update

     fwupdmgr update
  3. Now test the version with

     fwupdmgr get-devices | grep -A30 "Unifying Receiver" | grep -i "version:"

    Its output should be (as of 03.10.2020):

    Current version: RQR12.10_B0032

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