Ubuntu – Can’t slow down the pointer speed enough


I have changed my mouse, bought a new set but still no use – it's too fast for a designer.

And in the new version (12.04) I don't even know how to find the xorg.conf, or anything would help

Is not there any application for this to adjust mouse sensivity more than the default options like Logitech applications for Windows?

Keyboard and mouse model: Logitech mk520 wireless laser mouse & keyboard set.
Mouse model: m310 (laser, wireless)

Best Answer

  • open dash by pressing Super / (button with windows logo)
  • Search for "mouse". Open Mouse preferences
  • Reduce the speed and see if it works.

If above method doesn't work, try with the xset command. It allows you to change quite a few aspects of your desktop, including mouse acceleration.

xset m 1 1

The first number is the acceleration, the second is threshold. Don't give any value as zero.

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