Ubuntu – Can’t shutdown and logout from top panel in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


I recently installed Ubuntu 14.04. Shutdown and logout from the top panel are not working.

They worked fine when installing the OS, but a few days back I installed fglrx drivers for my ATI graphics card. They didn't work and I got low resolution problems and Ubuntu didn't boot. I solved it by removing the fglrx graphic driver from the recovery mode and Ubuntu started to boot and work just fine, at least that's what I thought.

But now the shutdown and logout options in the top panel don't work. I have to logout using ctrl+alt+delete and shutdown with the shutdown option in the top panel (shutdown option works after logging out but not when logged in as a user).

I re-installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and shutdown options worked fine but after installing updates they stopped working again. I thought its the graphic driver fglrx installation problem but now i know its not that. I think its a problem with some file that got installed from Ubuntu updates.
Does any one know how to solve it?

Best Answer

No need to remove cairo-dock from start-up applications.

Use one of the these solutions:

  • Find cairo-dock.desktop file ~/.config/autostart and add this code,X-GNOME-Autostart-Delay=20

Steps to solve easily (tested in Ubuntu 14.04)

  1. Run gedit without root
  2. Click open file menu and press Ctrl+H
  3. Open file ~/.config/autostart/cairo-dock.desktop
  4. Add this

  5. Save and close

  6. Reboot your unity/gnome

Delay time more than 20 works fine.


  • Select cairo-dock startup application from startup application and change command option to:

    sh -c "sleep 30; exec cairo-dock -o"

    source here and here


  • Create a script called startdock, with the text

    #! /bin/sh -e
    sleep 20
    exit 0

    Make it executable, and in the startup items add a new command with path to this script.

This is a bug as indicated in a comment. The bug report states that

Unity's shutdown/restart dialogue is not working when another application is registered to LauncherEntry interface of Unity DBus. It seems we have this bug when Cairo-Dock (and its Launcher-API-Deamon), DockbarX or Plank are launched before Unity.

To solve the same problem with Plank dock, replace cairo-dock with plank in one of the above solutions. The same for other applications.

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