Ubuntu – Can’t see “home” partition in “other locations”


I am a new user in Ubuntu, with a windows background. I have a 500 GB HDD on my old laptop and I made a partition sized around 50 GB for the system use, and another one ~ 410 GB for my personal use. The mount point for the 410 GB one is set to /home, because I could not install the system without a mount point and I read that /home is somewhat of a default.

However, when I install the system the only partition I see in nautilus is this one:


But when I open GParted:


Am I doing something wrong? Is the 410 GB one not used, though it is listed in GParted, and how can I use it?

I wont exclude the possibility of me lacking knowledge because this is my first time using Ubuntu. Maybe it's here and it is active, but I don't know how to access it and store my files on it?

Thanks and sorry!

Best Answer

With your settings, I wouldn't expect that you find your "Home" in "Other locations". Your home is mounted when your system boots. You can access it straight via the "Home" (and Document, Music, Pictures...) link in Nautilus, the file explorer. It is not an "Other location", it's part or your File System, even if installed on two different partitions.