Ubuntu – Can’t mount NTFS partition with write permissions


I am running Ubuntu 16.10 and during setup I added my data drive which is ntfs, to automount in /etc/fstab file. The entry looks like this –

UUID=EA469A60469A2D77   /alpha  ntfs-3g rw,permissions,umask=0022,user,exec,uid=1000,gid=1000,locale=en_US.UTF-8  0       0

I would like to know what I am doing wrong and how to get write access to the mounted NTFS partition.


prenx@prenx4x:~$ sudo lsblk -o NAME,FSTYPE,SIZE,MOUNTPOINT,LABEL
sdb           111.8G            
├─sdb2 swap    18.6G [SWAP]     
└─sdb1 ext4    93.2G /          
sdc             3.7T            
├─sdc2 ntfs     3.7T /zeta      Zeta
└─sdc1          128M            
sda           953.9G            
├─sda4 ntfs   952.9G /alpha     ALPHA
├─sda2 vfat      99M            
├─sda5 ntfs     450M            
├─sda3          128M            
└─sda1 ntfs     300M            Recovery

After changing any option I test it using mkdir-

prenx@prenx4x:/alpha$ mkdir a
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘a’: Read-only file system
prenx@prenx4x:/alpha$ sudo mkdir a
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘a’: Read-only file system

Also I am unable to paste or create anything in any sub-folder as well.

Best Answer

If the NTFS drives are mounting as read-only, its probably because Ubuntu thinks their filesystems are unclean, probably due to hibernation, or a damaged file system. Do this:

in Windows

  • boot into Windows
  • open the Power control panel
  • choose change what the power buttons do
  • choose change options that are unavailable
  • uncheck fast startup
  • close the Power control panel
  • open an administrative command prompt window
  • type powercfg /h off
  • type chkdsk /f c:
  • approve to run chkdsk at next reboot
  • type chkdsk /f x: (replacing "x" with drive letters of other visible NTFS partitions)
  • reboot into Windows to let chkdsk run on drive C: