Ubuntu – Can’t load GRUB all of a sudden (UEFI problem)


So, the last time I used my Ubuntu installation was last night. Today, as I booted it up, it told me that booting grubx64.efi is not allowed. Easy enough. I know how to re-enable it from my BIOS.

After re-enabling it, I try booting again and get the following error:

error: Secure Boot forbids loading module from (hd0, gpt7)/boot/grub/normal.mod

And then there's this some kind of 'grub resuce' CL prompt below that error. Never figured it out except that ls is a valid command. Using ls displays various (hdx , *) files/directories/drives.

Note that, as I never got to load Windows 8 from GRUB despite various tutorials, I use rEFInd to switch between loading GRUB (which, in turn, I use to load Ubuntu) and Windows 8.

How do I re-enable GRUB (and get to Ubuntu) and does anyone know what just caused this problem? I remember installing Ubuntu updates last night but I can't remember if there was anything that might relate to something UEFI-specific.

Best Answer

I haven't figured out an exact solution for this but I managed to get back to Ubuntu by a more "general" (for lack of a better term) solution.

I was having a look around at my BIOS when I noticed an option to turn off Secure Boot (wonder why I never noticed it before when I was having trouble dual booting Win8 and Precise). I turned this off and voila, GRUB loads. What's more is that I can now load Windows 8 from GRUB; I no longer need rEFInd as an intermediary. Choosing Win8 from GRUB shows some error tho (which I can bypass with just a press of any key). I'll look into this some other time, unless I figure it's something really risky.

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