Ubuntu – Can’t load, failed to claim resource: 1


Good day,

I have tried multiple times, USB used Rufus to make bootable disk, tried others in the past.

After boot choose try or install Ubuntu, get 2 lines:

0.3055641 platform wdat_wdt: failed to claim resource: 1
0.3055781 ACPI: watchdog: Device creation failed: -16

Tried both Ubuntu and install Ubuntu, same errors. Then system just hangs.

Been at it 2 days now.

Any help appreciated.

Best Answer

The error:

ACPI: watchdog: Device creation failed: -16

means that the system failed to create the watchdog device because some of the resources were already reserved (-EBUSY). see: Linux git commit

platform wdat_wdt: failed to claim resource: 1

Although based on the the resource number, there is not enough information to figure out which resource range failed to claim. There is a Linux patch which can print the resource range if device failed to claim, based on which /proc/iomem or ioports should tell who already claimed this resource, and whether it's a driver bug or incorrect resource assignment which is running into this conflict, so it can be diagnosed further.

Some people suggest that it can be caused by some problem with your bootable disk. So you can try to disable USB 3.0 or try a different USB device instead (USB 2.0 instead). You may also to create the bootable USB again, but using different software, e.g. UNetbootin. Another workaround is just to burn disk a DVD instead and try again. see: USBlive fails to boot

Other things you can try is to enable or disable ACPI support in BIOS. Some other people suggest that it could be a video card issue.

To find more about the issue, try disabling quiet mode which may show more boot messages. So when you're on the grub menu while booting, press Tab or e , hit X to edit, then delete quiet and add nomodesetsee: linux.com (this instructs the kernel to not load video drivers and use BIOS modes instead until X is loaded).see: ubuntuforums

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